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The TIRA membership includes many of the leading mobility specialists in the world as well as many suppliers of goods and services to the international relocation industry.

Consider the advantages of a TIRA membership:

  • Members will join a unique and prestigious community, which is directly involved in shaping the delivery of mobility services around the world.
  • Members can benefit from specially negotiated discounts at international trade shows and conferences endorsed and supported by TIRA.
  • Members will receive discounts on sponsorship opportunities at trade shows and conferences, which are directly organised or co-organised by TIRA
  • Membership publicly demonstrates your company’s support, interest and involvement in the global mobility industry
  • Members provide collective input into other industry bodies such as EURA, ERC and CERC
  • Members will have access to exclusive resources, such as Working Group and Committee documents and reports; email discussion lists, analysis etc.
  • Members create visibility for their activities, products, services etc.
  • Membership sends a publicly recognized signal of commitment to quality standards.
  • Members can meet potential business partners and suppliers
  • Members can participate in the TIRA Logo Qualification Program
  • Members can show the exclusive TIRA membership logo on their websites and printed material
  • Members will meet annually for the TIRA Annual General Meeting
  • Members can publish their company’s profile, products and services on the TIRA website.
  • Members can publish their news, press releases, relevant case studies and white papers on the TIRA website

A TIRA membership raises the credibility of your business because it implies a level of quality; it sends a message of confidence to the marketplace, that you are not alone, and that you are adding your support to that of the existing members of TIRA who, every day, are doing what they can to uphold quality services in the global mobility marketplace.

TIRA’s most immediate benefit is peer networking, problem solving and business leads that in essence puts the collective power of experienced colleagues from around the world to work for you. A TIRA membership provides you with a network of professional advisors and lifelong friendships with the leading professionals in your field. By joining TIRA, you align your organization with a high standard of quality in the international mobility industry, and join a growing, worldwide community of members who work on TIRA’s goal: to provide and maintain a comprehensive scope of worldwide mobility services and adhere to the highest standards of performance and quality, fostering innovation and continuous improvement among members. As a member you will be invited to join committees and workgroups that address a range of organizational and industry issues.