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Immigration news in Austria, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia and the United Kingdom

AUSTRIA | European Union Intra-Company Transfer Directive Adopted Slated for implementation October 1, Austria is the latest European Union member nation to adopt the EU’s Intra-Corporate Transfer (ICT) Directive (2014/66/EU). The EU-standard ICT Permit will replace the current “rotational employees” scheme through which ICT assignments have traditionally been processed in Austria. The new ICT Permit will provide work […]

European investors expect rising house prices

In many parts of Europe local economies are still struggling to recover from the 2007/8 economic downturn. Indeed we only need to look at Spain to see the amount of repossessed properties from the downturn although thankfully many have now been resold. The recent ING International Survey Homes and Mortgages 2017 report casts a very interesting light […]

How expats cope with losing their identity

After years away on a foreign posting, coming ‘home’ can be overwhelming and isolating. Here’s how many people cope with fitting back in. Last week, we identified an important, but often overlooked problem of being a long-term expat: how a foreign posting can affect your sense of identity, belonging and home. It prompted many of you […]

UAE adopts new Emirati School Model

Abu Dhabi: A new educational system, the Emirati School Model, announced on Sunday will unify the sector across the UAE and raise standards of teaching and learning. In a statement issued by the UAE Ministry of Education and the Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec), Abu Dhabi emirate’s education sector regulator, the two authorities said all […]