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Russia tightens migration rules for World Cup

New changes to the registration procedure for Russian and foreign citizens in Moscow, as well as other major cities for the duration of 2018 FIFA World Cup have been introduced. What are the changes? For the duration of reinforced security measures, migration registration and residence registration of foreign citizens is to be performed on the next day, […]

Immigration changes in Poland, Ghana, Iraq, Nigeria and Russia

POLAND | Stricter Rules and Requirements for Work Permits for Some Foreign Nationals Effective January 1, a number of significant changes to immigration regulations were implemented in Poland. The changes apply to registration of foreign nationals, work permit exemptions for certain nationalities, and various changes to application document requirements. Authorities indicate that an additional round […]

Immigration changes in Taiwan, Austria, England, Oman and Thailand

TAIWAN | New Foreign Recruitment Law Benefits Foreign Professionals The new Act Governing Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals will come into effect on February 8, introducing various benefits for foreign nationals working in Taiwan and their employers. The Act introduces three categories of foreign professionals with differing qualifying criteria and benefits, as well as benefits for […]

Denmark to update visa rules for foreign professionals: ministry

The Danish government will introduce rules providing more flexibility for skilled foreign professionals to take on extra work outside of their primary employment, the Ministry of Immigration and Integration has announced. A secondary job within the same professional area will be permitted by working visas under new rules, the ministry wrote in a press statement. […]