TIRA By Laws

The governing bodies of TIRA are:
The General Assembly composed of all voting members
The Board of Directors
The Auditors

Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the General Assembly. There shall be a minimum number of five directors.

The Board of Directors consists of Chairman of the Board/President, Director Finance, Past Chairman/President, Director Membership, Director At Large. The Administrative Staff will hold a non-voting position on the Board. Best efforts should be made to ensure regional representation.

Candidates for election to the Board of Directors must hold a management position in one of the member organizations. Each member organization can only be represented by one person on the Board.

The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the General Assembly to the absolute majority of the voting members.

TIRA Board Members

René Stegmann


Director of Value Creation

Director, Relocation Africa (PTY) LTD

David Gilmartin

Immediate Past President

Director of Liaison and Reimbursements

General Manager, Troika Relocations

Jérémy Berthoux

Director of Marketing and Booth Management

President, Home Conseil Relocation

Simon Johnston

Director at Large/ Quality Review

CEO, Icon Relocation

Marie O’Neill

Director of Social Engagements

General Manager, Executive Expatriate Relocations

Mary Smith

Director of Membership

Managing Director, Relocation Scotland

Veronique Haverhals

Director of Membership

Managing Director, RSH Relocation and Immigration Services