Global Issues, Local Solutions








TIRA is an aligned network of quality mobility service providers. The network provides access to leading mobility experts from around the world that provide local solutions to global challenges. Network members exchange best practices and share this value with the industry through benchmarking exercises.

For members, this creates many referral opportunities and the network enables these service providers to aggregate their marketing activities cost effectively.

We provide you with:

  • Over 50 offices servicing more than 500 locations worldwide
    Over twenty years of service — founded in 1986
  • Experienced local providers whose entrepreneurial focus enables our members to create programs that service the needs of your transferees within the constraints of your budget
  • Expertise and familiarity with our local markets
  • Independently owned companies who offer an unbiased opinion in choosing the most appropriate solutions for your transferees’ needs
  • High standards of service as established by the network. Members are continually monitored and evaluated to ensure that they maintain the highest levels of service


Alignment with Quality

TIRA monitors and maintains quality through its professional standards review process. The process is overseen and audited by independent third parties at arm’s length, because it is not only clients who must feel confident in the quality of the network members – fellow members must too. TIRA membership has become synonymous with a consistently high level of service.

Access to Global Expertise

TIRA’s most immediate benefit is peer networking. A TIRA membership provides you with a network of professional advisors and lifelong friendships who are leading professionals in mobility. To reach the organizations stated objective of being the “Leading Mobility Specialists of the World”, events are staged throughout the year to facilitate communication, to foster understanding in best practices and to develop expertise. You will always experience fun, education, and local insight at networking events.


TIRA’s network is a great benchmarking network for corporates and relocation management companies; big and small. Membership in TIRA will see your organization appear in benchmarking exercises that will be marketed to a variety of corporations and relocation management companies. If you are competitive, doing something unique or have a great reputation you will be noticed through these activities, which will expand your opportunities.

Aggregate Marketing

As a member of TIRA, you can jointly market your products and services in places, such as conferences and industry magazines that you perhaps couldn’t independently. Members can cost-effectively complement their own marketing and advertising campaigns with TIRA to obtain a wider marketing reach.

Referral Opportunities

One of the most powerful benefits of TIRA to its members is the referral network. Membership in TIRA expands your referral reach and scope. Member firms operate to high technical and quality standards, so referrals between members are frequent and successful.

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