Time to take a stock – Employee Moving?

By IOS Relocations, TIRA Member, India

All mobility professionals all over would be looking and re evaluating the number of moves they will be managing this year. IOS Relocations brings you 5 ways which can prepare your employees for the move:

Authorize your destination service providers at the earliest
This will ensure that the destination consultant has enough heads up to work on the requirements for appropriate housing and schooling options. Preparation is the best mechanism which we have for meeting the desired moving dates and having within desired budget relocation.

Assignment Preview Trips Or Look see Programs
These are very good tools to ensure that your employees get a feel for the location which they would be moving into. The cost of the assignment preview trip clearly offsets the benefits for the assignee to get running on the ground when they actually move in. It has been proved that the look see programs make an assignee 40% more productive as opposed to visiting the destination city for the first time when the assignment begins.

Appropriate expections
It is key to be transparent with the relocating employees on the situation of the housing in the destination city, availability of admission in the schools and cost of living.

Moving features very high on an anxiety source for a human being
The correct advice on how much to move, and how to donate or eliminate items which are not used or not required, will go a long way in ensuring that the move is as stress free as possible.

Companies can offer a more flexible relocations policy to include adding smaller shipments and other variations such has an all-inclusive lumpsum amount towards certain relocation benefits.

In conclusion, working with the relocating employees well in advance ensures and overall success for the entire process. You could reach out to IOS Relocations via info@iosrelocaitons.com for guidance on Destination services, Immigration services, Packing & Moving services, Cross- cultural training services.

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