Immigration news for Argentina, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Singapore, and Turkey

ARGENTINA | Express Appointments System for Residence Applicants Suspended
Effective immediately, Argentina’s National Immigration Office (DNM) has suspended the system of express appointments in the applications process for temporary residence cards or conversions to permanent residence status. This primarily affects foreign nationals in Argentina from Mercosur countries applying for Temporary Residence or Special Transitory Visas (24H). Mercosur nationals should now be prepared for significant processing delays, in many cases only being able to schedule regular appointments several months from the date of request.


IRELAND | INIS Clarifies Letters of Approval for Atypical Worker Scheme Must Be Used Within 90 Days
Effective immediately, the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) has clarified an existing rule for the Atypical Worker Scheme requiring that letters of approval issued for entry clearance be used within 90 days of issuance. Unused letters of approval become invalid after the 90 days.


ISRAEL | New Long-Term Multiple-Entry Business Visa for Indian Nationals
Effective immediately, the Israeli Ministry of Interior will issue a multiple-entry B-2 Visitor Visa for qualifying Indian business travelers valid for up to five years for stays of up to 90 days at a time. Previously, B-2 Visitor Visas for Indian nationals were valid only for a single entry for stays of a maximum of 30 days.


ITALY | Scope of Permissible Activities Narrowed for Business Visas
Effective immediately, Italian consulates will be more strictly assessing business visa applications, particularly when defining the permissible business activities under Visa Decree 850/2011. Specifically, consular officers will be more narrowly construing the scope of the expressed enumerated activities in the Decree: namely, “to make contacts or conduct negotiations” or “for learning and verifying the use and functioning of capital goods purchased or sold under commercial and industrial cooperation agreements.


SINGAPORE | Upcoming Changes to Requirements for Employment Pass and S Pass Applications
The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has announced upcoming changes to its foreign workforce policy, including  expanding the Fair Consideration Framework for Employment Pass (EP) applications to include more companies and positions in the job advertising requirement and increasing the minimum salary requirement for S Pass holders.


TURKEY | Delays Possible Due to New Work Permit System
Effective February 26, the Ministry of Labour (MOL) requires work permit applications to be submitted using the sponsoring company’s account via the recently-introduced KEP (kayitli electronik posta) system. However, as of February 27, the new MOL work permit application system incorporating KEP was not fully operational.