Which industries are the best for working overseas?

There are many challenges to overcome when thinking about working overseas. Aside from obtaining visas and work permits, you also need to consider what kind of jobs are available in other places around the world. In highly developed countries, for instance, only those with unique, desirable skills will have an easy time finding work. Rather than trying to find a job on your own, the faster route to an overseas career could actually begin with a job at an American company.

There’s no doubt that the world economy is more connected than ever before, and businesses in the U.S. – both large and small – are looking to expand operations to other countries. If you’re thinking about finding an overseas assignment, these industries may be your best bet:

Oil and gas
The energy industry as a whole is dynamic and sprawling – and current global trends show that it’s becoming less and less isolated. In fact, the China-based Global Energy Interconnection Development and Co-operation Organization recently put forward plans to develop a super energy grid which would span countries and even continents by 2050, reported New Atlas. Of course, the plan will face quite a few obstacles over the next few years, but it’s a trend that’s probably not going anywhere soon.

Nevertheless, oil and gas are and will continue to be major sources of energy for the foreseeable future. As CurrencyFair noted, recruitment for jobs in this sector is looking up across the world. Skilled workers could have many opportunities for work abroad.