Kickstart 2017: 9 Global Mobility Changes You Need to Know Now

What’s Changing (or not) in 2017?

As we all plan and prepare for a successful year ahead, here’s a quick “heads-up” on nine significant changes for corporate mobility managers to watch for in the global mobility road ahead in 2017.

UNITED KINGDOM & EUROPEAN UNION | Brexit Moves Forward… Slowly

All indications are that Prime Minister May’s government is set to trigger Article 50 by the end of March and start the formal process of the UK exiting the EU. The complex process of negotiating exit agreements and untangling the UK from its EU ties is going to take years. While it will certainly impact both international businesses in the UK and Europe, as well as corporate mobility throughout the continent, don’t expect to see any Brexit-motivated immigration reforms in the UK or the EU in 2017. For more details, see our Global Brief of June 27, Blog series of September 1, September 8, and September 15, and download our e-book “60 Days After Brexithere.

UNITED KINGDOM | Next Round of Tier 2 Changes in April

November of this year brought the expected second round of planned changes to the UK’s Tier 2 program, which began in April 2016. The third round of the planned changes to the UK’s major work visa stream is scheduled for April of 2017. This final stage will include the closing of the ICT Short-Term Staff subcategory, leaving a single ICT Long-Term route going forward. Also, be prepared for increased minimum salary levels and the imposition of the Immigration Skills Charge for more foreign workers. For more details, see our Global Briefs of April 5 and November 8.