Expats Living in India Are Among Highest Paid, HSBC Survey Shows

Expats living in India are the third-highest paid in the world, according to a survey from HSBC.

The average salary of foreigners living in India was $145,057, the poll of almost 27,000 expats in 100 countries showed. Highest paid were foreign workers in Switzerland who got an average salary of $188,275, followed by Hong Kong at $169,756.

Like Switzerland and Hong Kong, India has a financial hub in Mumbai. The survey showed that India has the highest proportion of expats on international secondment or assignment.


Respondents said they thought India was a good place to progress their career, start a business or achieve long-term financial goals.

HSBC said almost 89% of expats in India receive at least one financial benefit from their employer for living in India, prompting 38% to say they were able to save for their children’s education, and 44% saying they were making progress to toward long-term savings and investments.

India attracts more expat entrepreneurs than the rest of Asia Pacific. Of expats in India, 11% had moved to set up a business compared with an average of 5% across Asia Pacific.

Nearly two-thirds, or 64%, of expats living in India said they had confidence in the country and just over half–53%–said they had confidence in the political system.