Germany’s neighbours mull suit over ‘foreigner road toll’

The Commission has long fought Germany over its new toll, passed by the German parliament last year, but put on hold due to an EU objection. However, on Thursday the two sides at last came to an agreement.

But while Brussels has given the toll the green light, Germany now faces opposition from its immediate neighbours. The Netherlands said that it wants to file a case against Germany with the Court of Justice.
Austria, too, has said it will “very closely examine” the new compromise, and that it has not ruled out joining in a lawsuit.
“And if is clear that Austrians will be discriminated against, then we will fight against the toll with all resources, and that means of course with legal resources,” said a spokesman from the ruling SPÖ party on Friday to broadcaster Deutschlandfunk.
Belgium and Denmark have also said they may join if the Netherlands takes the case to the Court of Justice.