Trump and the future of US immigration

Following yesterday’s result that Donald Trump will become the next US president in January 2017, Andrea Elliot, CEO of Pro-Link GLOBAL, commented on the potential future of immigration in the USA.

Corporate immigration

Any comments Trump has made have been highly inconsistent. For example, Trump has advocated both for and against allowing highly skilled workers into the United States, making it difficult to discern his goals.The US has a long road ahead of it if he plans to continue with his stated goals:

  • Build a physical wall between the United States and Mexico
  • End the “catch and release” protocol, so that illegal entrants into the United States would be detained until removed from the country
  • Deport criminal aliens, in joint operation with local, state and federal law enforcement
  • Triple the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents
  • Stop issuing visas in jurisdictions that are considered to have inadequate screening mechanisms
  • End President Obama’s executive actions, DAPA and DACA, and deport beneficiaries of these programs
  • End “sanctuary cities” i.e. cities that avoid prosecuting
  • Trump has called for a temporary ban on issuing visas to enter the United States from “volatile” regions, but has not specified what these regions are

Global visas

Trump has called for an outright ban on Muslims entering the USA, which Elliott discusses as being the most important and divisive issue. There would be three clear impacts of this ban:

  • Any national of a Muslim country would be subject to additional security clearances if entering on an existing visa
  • It could lead to an outright ban on visas for citizens of Muslim countries
  • The reciprocity rule would be activated