Rush to Canada, NZ websites in wake of US election

The immediate reaction to the election of Donald Trump has been an unprecedented rush of disaffected Americans inquiring about emigrating to other English-speaking nations.Canada – whose immigration inquiry website crashed several times because of the surge in demand in the immediate aftermath of the presidential election being declared – New Zealand and Australia are the three most favoured destinations of Americans pondering a move.Immigration New Zealand received 56,300 visits from the US in the 24 hours after the result – up from a daily average of 2,300 – and more than 7,000 of them registered an interest in an immediate to move. Meanwhile, an analysis by Google showed most searches for ‘Australia immigration’ came from people in the states of Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, California, Virginia and Colorado, all of which backed Hillary Clinton in the election. New Zealand businesses also reported direct approaches from US workers. Rod Drury, chief executive of software firm Xero, told Reuters, “I’ve got lots of messages coming through at the moment asking for a job in New Zealand, and we’re saying: ‘Yes you can’.”It will be interesting to see whether it translates into real action. It’s an active conversation that moved to getting more serious and we’ll wait to see what will happen in the next month.”