Pacific Prime launches ACA compliant plans for expats

HONG KONG, Nov. 8, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB – Pacific Prime, Asia’s largest international health insurance brokers, is pleased to announce that they have introduced a new health insurance solution for American expats leaving the USA and all visa holders entering the US who are required to secure Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant health insurance.

Supported by a new ACA information portal (available at: that was designed to provide both foreigners inbound to the USA and American citizens/visa-holders leaving the USA with in-depth information on the ACA they need to know, these plans can now be purchased directly from Pacific Prime.

Neil Raymond, MD at Pacific Prime commented, “ACA-compliant insurance is a massively important product for not only American citizens but also foreigners holding relevant visas. These plans not only offer worldwide coverage but also meet ACA mandated coverage in the US and therefore avoid paying the heavy non-compliance fines.” He continued, “Pacific Prime has seen increased demand for these products and, as more insurers develop international coverage plans that also meet the ACA requirements, we will strive to bring them to our clients.”

All ACA-compliant plans offered by Pacific Prime include the following benefits:

  • Worldwide coverage in one single policy – You will no longer need to buy multiple policies for global and US coverage.
  • Ability to avoid hefty tax penalties – These plans meet “Minimum Essential Cover” (MEC) requirements and therefore allow policyholders to avoid hefty penalties for not securing compliant health coverage.
  • Complete portability – Wherever you go (including the US), you’ll be covered.
  • Anytime enrollment – You can secure these plans at anytime, no need to wait for the ACA open enrollment period.
  • Underwritten by trusted global insurers – All plans are exclusively sourced from trusted global insurers.