Immigration Changes from Around the World

CHINA | Implementation of New Work Permit System Continues Shanghai-China-skyline-2-keyimage
In the developing story surrounding the new national “Foreign Service Work Management System” in China, the Chinese State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) and local media outlets are reporting that the new online electronic system has processed its first cases in Shandong and Tianjin. However, Pro-Link GLOBAL’s Immigration Specialists in our China offices reveal that these completed cases are merely initial test cases and that the new system continues to be unavailable to user registration and general application submission in all provinces but Shanghai. Even in Shanghai, the new online system is not fully functioning with technical system issues still being ironed out.

Local authorities state that they expect the new system to be functioning properly soon and that companies may soon register online for application submission for the nine provinces included in the initial pilot program announcement. Authorities in Beijing still indicate that, beginning December 1, all applications for the new Foreigners Work Permit will be required to be submitted online. It remains to be seen whether the authorities will push this deadline out depending on the implementation timeframe for this city.


INDONESIA | New Interim KITAS To Make Renewals Easier, Company Representatives Required to Process Applications In-Person


Recent changes to the immigration process in Indonesia are bringing both positive and negative amendments for foreign nationals working in the Southeast Asian island nation. With one of the largest economies in the region but with the fourth highest population in the world, Indonesia remains one of the world’s poorest nations in terms of per-capita GNP and is increasingly reliant on skilled foreign workers to support its vital mining, petroleum, and manufacturing sectors.

Changes to KITAS Permits: New Bridging Option During Renewals and Changes in Validity Period
The Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration (DGI) has announced new rules for renewing Temporary Limited Stay Permits (KITAS) which allow foreign nationals to remain in the country while their Work Permit (IMTA) renewal applications are processed. Previously, if the KITAS was expiring prior to the IMTA being renewed, the applicant would have to exit the country to avoid an overstay.


ITALY | Regulations Implementing Posted Worker Requirements Take Effect December 26italy-new-residence-permit-fees-for-2016_8576_t12
With an effective date of December 26, The Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies (MOL) has now issued specific regulations and guidelines implementing the provisions of Italy’s Decree N. 136/2016 implementing the provisions of the EU Posted Workers Directive (2014/67). See our Immigration Dispatch of September 26 for details. The regulations place obligations on companies posting foreign employees for assignments in Italy.

Under the regulations, employers must complete the following to comply with the Decree:

  • Appoint a representative in Italy for the purposes of labor negotiations and the sending and receiving of any official notices and documents related to the posting;
  • Establish an account as a posting employer on the MOL’s website;
  • Submit electronic notification of the posting through the website by end-of-business the day before the assignment begins;
  • Submit similar notification through the website within five days of any change in the assignment conditions; and
  • Maintain records during the assignment and for two years thereafter, including the employment contract, pay slips, dates of the assignment start and ending, proof of actual salary payments, and proof of social security coverage;


UNITED KINGDOM | New Priority Service Launched for Tier 2 and Tier 5 Sponsorship Requestsunited-kingdom--brexit-and-the-consequences-for-uk-immigration_8939_t12
Effective November 7, the United Kingdom’s Home Office has launched a new Priority Service for A-rated Tier 2 and Tier 5 sponsors providing expedited processing of change of circumstances requests. For a fee of GBP £200 per request, licensed sponsors can submit requests through the online system for:

  • In-year certificate of sponsorship (CoS) allocations;
  • Follow on CoS allocations;
  • Adding new Level 1 users; and
  • Replacing Authorized Officers (AOs).

Requests submitted through the new system will be processed within five working days, rather than the advertised 18-week service standard. To ensure the expedited processing, a maximum of 20 requests will be accepted through the new system each day, Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm. Instructions on how to use the new Priority Service are available on the UK government website here. Note that the priority service is not available to restricted certificates of sponsorship.