Foreigners feeling good in Czech Republic

Prague, Nov 7 (CTK) – The families of the foreigners living in the Czech Republic praise the country, mostly the opportunities provided for their leisure time and security, daily Lidove noviny (LN) writes yesterday, quoting the figures from the studies Expat Insider and Expat Explorer.
The Czech Republic placed fourth and tenth in the world in the two global surveys examining the lives of expats, LN writes.
The study called Expert Insider, using the answers by 14,000 foreigners, gave the tenth place among the most attractive countries for expats to the Czech Republic.
The Czech Republic’s results were even better in the study Expat Explorer 2016, carried out on 27,000 respondents, LN writes.
It ranks the Czech Republic among the biggest “jumpers” of the year and gives it the fourth place behind Singapore, New Zealand and Canada and says it is the best in Europe for expats.
The move from the 18th place scored last year to the fourth place deserves a close inspection, LN writes.
The foreigners living in the Czech Republic were asked three packages of questions regarding the economy (career, personal finances), life experiences (lifestyle, population, chances to be settled) and family (education, care for children, security) in which the Czech Republic excels, it adds.
When it comes to the life with a family and children, the Czech Republic scored the second best result after Sweden, LN writes.
This is a very comfortable place for life, Michael Hordley, director of the Prague bank HSBC who brings up three children here, is quoted as saying.
Hordley said he had been moving across the world for 13 years and he found that adapting oneself to the life in the Czech Republic is the simplest.
He cites the beautiful scenery, moderate climate as well as a relaxed approach to the life outside work.
Some 72 percent of the expats gave a positive answer to the question of whether they had found a better “balance” between work and leisure time here than in their homeland. Some 22 percent said it was the same, while only 6 percent are of the view that they must devote more efforts to their work in the Czech Republic than in the country of their origin.
The foreigners trust political stability here and are optimistic as regards the economic development, which gave the Czech Republic the 12th best result compared with the 16th place of Britain or 31st place of Ireland.