CIPD chief urges HR to engage with key national and international issues

Speaking just hours after president-elect Donald Trump claimed victory in the US presidential elections, Mr Cheese welcomed the 1,500 delegates to the professional body for HR and people development’s annual gathering on what he said he “sensed as a bit of a strange day.”Global political developments aside, he sought to rally the audience of HR and learning and development professionals from the UK and 40 countries, outlining the challenges, opportunities and direction of travel for the profession, both on offer at the conference and in the months to come.Mr Cheese began by explaining his belief that recent events – the economic challenges associated with Brexit, the growing social divides and loss of faith in the “establishment” – has created key moment for HR professionals to step up to challenge of modern workplaces.

Turbulent times an opportunity for HR?

The significant change and uncertainty that has developed over the last 12 months “calls out strongly the need and opportunity for the HR profession,” Mr Cheese said.“The last 12 months have undermined many people’s trust in business, with too many scandals such as those at Volkswagen, Wells Fargo, BHS and Sports Direct demonstrating the need for business to properly value all their workers and employees and to take their wider accountabilities to all their stakeholders more seriously.”