Influx of skilled workers from other developing countries seeking greener pastures in China

Experts suggest that attracting professionals from other developing countries is a key factor in China’s development strategy.

When Dinesh Yenneti, 24, bid farewell to India and boarded a flight to Beijing in October 2015, he was looking for a fresh start.

Having worked at a multinational software company in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, for two years, Yenneti had requested a transfer to his company’s Chinese office. He found a home among other techies in Zhongguancun, Haidian district, a mecca for tech companies in China.

“I figured that it was the right time to make the move,” he said. “My team in China was also excited to work with someone from a different culture.”

Yenneti is one of a growing number of international professionals from other developing countries flocking to China, a rising economy, seeking a wider range of job opportunities.

With varied cultural backgrounds, needed expertise, and a willingness to stay and strive in the country, the well-trained workforce from developing countries, such as India, South Africa, and Brazil, has begun to gain increasing popularity among some Chinese employers.