Brexit has lead to a rise in UK-based workers looking for jobs in Ireland

The number of workers in Britain looking for jobs in Ireland has soared by a fifth since the Brexit referendum result, a major recruitment website has said.

There was a huge spike in the 24 hours immediately after the vote, but latest analysis shows a sustained and rising interest from the UK in employment across the Irish Sea.

There was also a jump in British searches for jobs in Australia (13%), Canada (10%) and Germany (9%).

But a 20% rise in searches for work in Ireland in the 100 days since the referendum result is almost three times the average increase for the rest of the EU, says recruitment site Indeed.

Used by more than 180 million people every month, Indeed is one of the most used recruitment sites in the world.

Mariano Mamertino, an economist at the company, said the findings show the post-Brexit rise in people seeking jobs outside the UK is both sustained and increasing.