2 major skills to look for when hiring

As you look through stacks of resumes, one thing probably becomes apparent: Finding applicants with the right skills is harder than it sounds. There are several reasons why this difficulty exists. For one, you might not have an entirely clear idea of what you want to see in perspective hires. Sure, you know what the job is and what the requirements are – but there’s more to hiring than just checking off all the right boxes. Then, there’s the fact that many applicants aren’t quite sure how to present themselves through resumes and cover letters. You might see a hint of what you want in a resume, but you won’t get a clear picture until you sit down with them in the interview room.

The other thing that always conspires against you is, of course, time. When you’ve got to fill a vital position at your company, you may not have weeks or months to find the perfect candidate. Others are desperately waiting for you to fill the job so they can take the extra work off their own plates, or a team is waiting to complete a project that can’t make much headway without a manager. Whatever the complication is, time is usually of the essence. But when you aren’t able to articulate what you need in a hire and are trying to fill a job fast, you can easily end up making a mistake. And that in turn could mean a costly turnover rate of employment.

When you need to find top applicants fast, a global talent management company can help you find the best people for the job. Here are few skills to look for as you write a job description or start conducting interviews: