United Arab Emirates


Permitted Activities – Business visitors must generally limit their activities to the following:

  • Attending business meetings or discussions;
  • Receiving training;
  • Visiting facilities and plants;
  • Attending seminars, conferences, exhibitions, auctions or shows.

Type of Business Visas
– Nationals of 32 exempted countries will be able to obtain “visit visas on arrival”, which will be directly stamped into their passport at the border. All other nationals will require a Short Term or a Long Term Visit Visa.

Basic Requirements

1. Intention of a genuine visit for business and not for paid employment;
2. Valid passport;
3. Evidence that there are no restrictions on his or her traveling to the United Arab Emirates;
4. No intention to permanently reside in the United Arab Emirates;
5. A ticket for onward travel from the United Arab Emirates;
6. Proof of health insurance;
7. Host country documents (copy of trade license, copy of establishment card).

Estimated Processing Times – This varies by diplomatic post and country.

Maximum Time On Visa – These visas allow business people to make a short business visit to the United Arab Emirates for up to 30 days (Short Term Visa) or 90 days (Long Term Visa).