The Evolution of the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem

Recruiters are always chasing the new shiny objects, and with good reason. Talent management—and specifically the talent acquisition ecosystem—is a constantly evolving model and, much like Charles Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory, those who adapt to its changing landscape (and its new shiny objects) will have the best chance for survival.

While social platforms such as LinkedIn still rule the world of social recruiting, newer and ever-changing technologies are transforming the ways organizations use social networks to search for talent.

In the article, ‘Social Recruiting’: The Growing Power of the New Kids on the Block, Jonathan Kestenbaum, executive director of Talent Tech Labs, a New York City-based talent acquisition technology incubator, says that “Social media recruitment is one of the most effective ways for employers to reach both active and passive job seekers,” however, “scenarios such as LinkedIn’s user agreement, which restricts data scraping on user profiles, mean niche players catering to industry-specific networks are popping up left and right to meet that need … and some are even more effective at bringing in top talent than LinkedIn.”