One-Third of Tech Employers Would Offer 10-15% Salary Increase to Attract Top Talent, Modis Survey Finds

Survey also reveals that work experience and certifications more important than traditional education to tech employers

In today’s candidate focused market, one-third (32 percent) of tech employers would offer a 10-15 percent salary increase in order to attract top talent, according to a new survey, “Tech Trends: IT Leaders and the Employment Market,” conducted by Modis, a leading provider of information technology staffing. The survey of 500 IT professionals responsible for key decisions including hiring within their organizations found that 35 percent would also re-hire talent that had previously left the company three months before, and 33 percent would re-hire no matter how long ago the talent left.

“With the tech sector unemployment rate at 2.6 percent, the pool of available and skilled talent is smaller than ever. Nearly two-thirds of tech employers are open to offering currently employed candidates a 6-15% increase to their current salary to attract the cream of the crop,” said Jack Cullen, president, Modis. “Today’s employers need to be open to negotiation and today’s candidates need to be prepared to negotiate.”

The survey of CTOs, CIOs, presidents, directors, managers, engineers and other technology professionals also found that 28 percent of tech employers said work experiences and certifications are more important than education when evaluating a candidate. When they do evaluate educational background, 27 percent said the quality of the institution or the subject of the degree matters more than whether the degree was obtained online or through a traditional brick and mortar institution.