NYC most expensive for accommodation, says

New York is the world’s most expensive city for international student accommodation, according to data published by bookings, while rents are climbing fast in the UK and some Australian cities. compiled data from bookings across its entire user base into its 2016 overseas student accommodation indicator, distributed in China.

It found that students booking through paid $526 a week on average to live in the Big Apple in 2016 – $60 more than in the second most expensive city, San Francisco.

“We were surprised that London did not appear in the top five most expensive cities”

“New York is one of the most expensive cities in the US, and it’s a big student destination with a large number of universities in a relatively small area,” Angela Zaeh,’s VP growth and international, told The PIE News. “If students want to be in walking distance of their university (and they often do), it will be expensive.”