International schools hit by oil & gas crash, says ISC

Plummeting oil & gas prices are affecting enrolment at international schools in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, according to theInternational School Consultancy Research.

Enrolments will be hit as parents sending their children to international schools employed in professions related to the these industries are made redundant, the group said.

The Middle East in particular is expected to be affected by 1-2% fall in enrolments, according to ISC Research.

“Some have cut back on their staffing for this new year”

Malaysia and Singapore are also likely to feel the brunt of dropping oil & gas prices, with schools that enrol a large proportion of expatriates over locals more likely to be affected, said Richard Gaskell, director for international schools at ISC Research.

“The feedback that we are receiving from many schools is that they have been able to fill these gaps through existing waiting lists,” he said.

“Or they have stepped up their admission marketing, and some have cut back on their staffing for this new year.”

Premium schools are expected to be the most affected, as expatriate families may have to find more affordable alternatives if financial support from employers is reduced.