Surge in Britons and Americans eyeing move to New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand (INZ), the government agency, has also seen a rise in the registration of Americans, apparently because of fears over the outcome of November’s presidential election. The New Zealand Herald reported on Monday that, 49 days after the Brexit vote, 10,647 registrations from Britons had been received by the agency. This compares with 4,599 over the same period last year.

Nigel Bickle, the agency’s deputy chief executive, said that on 24 June – the day the referendum vote in favour of leaving the EU was declared – the INZ received 998 registrations from the UK, a nine-fold increase from the 109 the day before.

People interested in emigrating to New Zealand register with the agency to check if their skills are in demand, to see if they meet the visa criteria, and to explore visa options. An INZ spokesman told the Herald that the agency typically receives about 3,000 registrations a month from Britons interested in studying, working or investing in the country. Additionally, in the two weeks either side of the referendum, there was a 27 per cent jump in people from the UK browsing New Zealand property site