Russia’s secret plan to destroy EU and NATO: Putin funds covert anti-West op across Europe

VLADIMIR Putin is seeking to bring about the destruction of the European Union and NATO through covert funding worth tens of millions of pounds for organisations across Europe that are spreading an anti-Western message, a study has found.

The Kremlin is secretly manipulating European public opinion as well as government policy while fomenting social unrest to precipitate the fall of Western society in favour of Russian orthodox values.

Russian state-backed non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and think tanks backed by the Kremlin are operating a charm offensive across the EU with the aim of shifting European public opinion towards a positive view of Russian politics and policies.

The groups seek to legitimise a Russian crackdown on human rights and encourage understanding and support for Russian culture, language, history and conservative values while opposing democracy, the report entitled ‘The Bear in Sheep’s Clothing’ warns.