RUSSIA | Changing Procedures for Certain Highly Qualified Specialist Work Permit Applications


Permitted Activities – Business visitors must generally limit their activities to the following:

• Making sales calls to potential Russian clients provided that the visitor represents a commercial entity outside of Russia;
• Attending business meetings or discussions, meeting business partners;
• Negotiating or signing agreements or contracts;
• Entering as a representative of a foreign company to install, dismantle, service or repair equipment or software that was supplied by a foreign company, provided it is on a post-sales, contractual basis;
• Attending personal professional development and retraining programs;
• Attending exhibitions, trade fairs;
• Entering as a crew member or a transportation driver.

Type of Business Visas – Certain nationals may enter Russia without need of a business visa (visa-exempt nationals).   All other nationals will require a single, double, or multiple-entry business visa. Note that multi-entry visas are generally available for visitors who already have a previous Russian visa in their passport.

Basic Requirements

1 .Intention of a genuine visit for business and not for paid employment;
2. Passport should be valid for six additional months after the expiration date of the potential Russian visa, and should have at least 2 blank adjacent pages;
3. Evidence that there are no restrictions on his or her traveling to Russia;
4. No intention to permanently reside in Russia;
5. Invitation from the inviting organization (original may be required);
6. A ticket for onward travel from Russia;
7. HIV test if applying for a visa for over six months;
8. Justification letter, confirming purpose of business traveler from inviting party may be required, if applying for a multiple-entry visa;
9. Proof of sufficient funds (bank statement);
10. Medical insurance covering period of stay in Russia (required at some consulates).