New HE partnership rules in India could boost outbound mobility

A new policy has been announced in India which will allow Indian educational institutions to collaborate with those outside the country for the first time, with the Indian authorities acknowledging time spent abroad on students’ degree certificates.

The move, which was announced in June by the University Grants Commission, will enable Indian universities to initiate partnerships with educational institutions abroad.
The regulations will allow Indian students to undertake two semesters of their undergraduate degree at a partner foreign university, or one semester of their postgraduate degree, and receive recognition for their classes taken abroad when they return to their home institution.

“We all know there is an appetite in India to study abroad”
Lakshmi Iyer, director and head of education at market entry specialist, Sannam S4, hailed this move as a positive step.
“For the first time we are allowing for citations on degree certificates and for acknowledging time spent in foreign institutions,” she told The PIE News.

“India definitely has potential to be a player of reckoning in TNE so long as the law makers can design rules that are easy to understand and implement.”