Millennials show the world a brighter, more open perspective – survey

MANILA, Philippines – Despite news cycles around the world dominated by conflicts, disasters, and the destructive effects of climate change, overwhelming majority of the world’s youth still retain a sunny outlook on the future, according to the World Economic Forum.

So bright, in fact, that 70% of respondents to WEF’s Global Shapers Annual Survey 2016 see the world as full of opportunities, with 50% believing they can actively contribute to decision-making in their countries.

The survey, which was released this week, looks to give an insight into the world’s 18-35 year olds, now collectively tagged as millennials, and incorporates more than 26,000 participants from 181 countries speaking 9 languages.


While they remain optimistic, millennials aren’t oblivious to global issues. Majority of them (45%) say that climate change is the world’s most pressing concern, followed by large-scale conflict and wars.