Malta’s attractiveness as a relocation hub

Malta currently enjoys significant attractiveness among companies and employees wishing to operate from our shores. The years of strategic initiatives adopted by private and public entities are bearing fruit. Last year, Malta registered a 6.3 per cent growth in GDP, a great result amid the turmoil and instability that characterised other European countries. Yet what challenges does this success bring with it, and what must we do to keep the uptrend going?

Past performance suggests that we will retain and improve our position on the global map as a relocation destination, but this does not mean that the road ahead will get easier. Improving road infrastructure, addressing gaps in the availability of skills, as well as being more efficient in dealing with bureaucratic procedures, are some of the challenges we face if we are to keep our competitiveness as a location of choice for candidates and companies.

Companies need also to look at redefining their cultures and develop different ways of interacting with candidates from different continents, more so, in a context where bargaining power has shifted more towards the employee.

Some direct measures of Malta’s success are the steady and consistent rise in companies setting up, the surge in employment opportunities and the influx of expatriates seeking to pursue their careers in Malta.