Singapore: Employers reminded to activate SingPass 2FA for online access

What does the change mean? All users who have not activated their SingPass 2FA should do so immediately by following the steps on their PIN mailer. As of July 5, users will not be able to log in without their SingPass 2FA. Administrators and users of company Employment Pass Online and Work Permit Online portals will need to activate their 2FAs to be able to submit work pass applications.

  • Implementation time frame: July 5.
  • Who is affected: Administrators and users of Employment Pass Online and Work Permit Online.
  • Next steps: Employers should make sure that their users have set up their SingPass 2FA to avoid disruption in accessing e-services and performing online transactions with government agencies.

Background: The Ministry of Manpower reminded users in April that the SingPass 2FA would become mandatory July 5 for all users logging on to perform select e-transactions with government websites. The two-step verification is intended to protect personal data and prevent security breaches.