Political turmoil in both the U.K. and the U.S. this year may swell the ranks of expats worldwide.

When a majority of voters in the U.K recently gave a thumbs-up to leaving the European Union, the search term “move to Canada” spiked 230 percent on Google, according to the BBC. Immigration New Zealand says its website received more than 5,500 visits per day from the U.K. in the three-day period following the Brexit vote.

In the U.S., Google searches for moving to both Canada and Mexico have been on the rise since the first of the year in anticipation of either a Trump or Clinton presidency by next year.

Over 1 million expats call Mexico home these days. If the expat life abroad has a strong resonance for you this political season, there are places around the world waiting for you with open arms, says the BBC.

A case in point: The tiny New Zealand town of Kaitangata – located on the southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island. It has plenty of jobs and lots of inexpensive housing but not enough people. To remedy the situation, the town has launched a recruitment drive by offering newcomers a land and home package that costs just US$165,000. A great deal if you like a very quiet lifestyle far from, well, most every place.

If you have high tech skills, Ireland, which is still a European Union member, is launching a new campaign to bring 3,000 technology professionals to the country each year. Analysts say that Ireland’s tech industry should remain robust because it will be the only English-speaking E.U. member. Most of the jobs are clustered in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

For Americans who are motivated to move by the prospects of political doom, both Canada and Mexico are the usual suspects for aspiring expats, depending on whether you prefer hot or cold, English or Spanish. Over 750,000 Americans are scattered throughout Mexico, drawn mainly by climate and cost of living considerations.

It’s an age-old custom in America to make a political statement by moving abroad when your side loses. There are, though, many better reasons to become an expat, and they are the reasons why you will remain an expat.