1. Knowledge Migrants’ Job Search Period Eligibility Expanded – 

Knowledge migrants whose employment ends while their residence permits are valid can now remain in the Netherlands for three months following the end of their employment agreement to look for other knowledge migrant employment, regardless of the reason for the cessation of their employment.

Previously, the search period was only available to knowledge migrants who were laid off for reasons that were not their fault.


The job search period allows foreign nationals to look for a new knowledge migrant job at a recognized sponsor, and starts the day on which the employment agreement is terminated. If the foreign national finds a new knowledge migrant job within the three-month period, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service will not withdraw the residence permit as long as the knowledge migrant requirements are fulfilled.

  1. Netherlands: Foreign Investors Scheme Eligibility Criteria Relaxed

Proposed changes to the Foreign Investors scheme, a residence permit based on investment of at least EUR 1.25 million in the Netherlands, have been adopted. Key changes include the following:

• The visa duration has increased from one to three years;
• The requirement to obtain a report from an accountant registered in both the home country and in the Netherlands has been eliminated; and
• Foreign investors are only required to meet two of the three existing criteria under the points system (instead of all three, as was previously required). If the investment is not considered innovative, the investor must create at least 10 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions within the first five years after the investment, and six new FTE positions by the time of extension (after three years).