Luxembourg : Minimum Salary Increased for Several Work Permit Categories

Highly-skilled foreign workers must now earn at least EUR 73,296 per year to qualify for Luxembourg’s Blue Card program. The minimum salary for other local hires and temporary intracompany transferees remains EUR 2,307.56 per month.
For certain shortage occupations – mostly in the information, communications and technology sectors – a lower minimum annual salary of EUR 58,636.80 applies. This figure is 1.2 times the gross annual average salary, instead of 1.5 times, which applies to other EU Blue Card professionals. The lower threshold applies to eligible new or renewal EU Blue Card applications.

The following occupations have a shortage in the Luxembourg labor market (as defined by International Standard Classification of Occupancies codes):

• System analysts;
• Software developers;
• Web and multimedia developers;
• Application programmers;
• Other unclassified software and applications developers and analysts;
• Mathematicians;
• Actuaries;
• Statisticians; and
• Database and network professionals.