ITALY | Delays, Increased Difficulty in Obtaining Housing Feasibility Certificates

Traditionally, within eight (8) days of arriving in Italy, foreign nationals must provide proof of temporary residence (either a hotel or rental agreement) to the local authorities via a “Housing Stability Certificate.” However, depending on the Italian municipality in question, recent procedural complications and delays have resulted in processing times for these certificates to be extended upwards of 30 days. Especially affected by these delays are the municipalities of Rome and Latina.

As landlords are given a 30-day window to register a new lease (a step required to issue a Housing Stability Certificate), a strategic option for foreign nationals to obtain this certificate more quickly is to utilize a temporary hotel stay during the requisite post-arrival immigration registrations.

It is important to note that document requirements, processing times, and filing protocols will vary significantly based on a foreign national’s city of residence in Italy. Please contact your Pro-Link GLOBAL Immigration Specialist should you have any questions regarding the effects of these recent delays in a specific Italian city.