How To Make Your Career Strategy Thrive Within A Corporate Culture

Large companies sort of rumble along, pushing and pulling employees along the way. Some people are nimble enough to get on top of the steam roller while others get run over and spit out the other side.

We’ve all seen examples of each of these scenarios.

But what most people forget in their career strategy is that their job fate doesn’t rest solely in the hands of the corporate decision makers.

You and you alone have the reins of your destiny, should you choose to take control of them.

I’m not talking non-conformity. I’m talking about being actively engaged and being your own advocate.

And the best part is when you can dovetail helping your current employer while gaining new knowledge and skills, as well as experience.

Hopefully, the company already has a professional development plan in place to help build employee skill sets.

If not, then you need to be your own champion and identify key industry conferences that all of your peers are attending.

Keep in mind that the ROI to your employer is that you are not only gaining knowledge, but boosting your company’s profile and visibility, making valuable connections, forging potentially powerful partnerships, and creating more opportunities.