Generali unveils flagship health plan for Hong Kong expats

Generali Global Health, the international health insurance aim of Italian insurer Assicurazioni Generali has launched a new flagship health insurance plan in Hong Kong.

The product, called Global Choice, is aimed at expats living in Hong Kong, although the company said it would also benefit locals looking to travel overseas. Having registered the product in partnership with Generali Hong Kong, the insurer said the plan has a “flexible modular design”, allowing employers to mix-and-match benefits and choose the level of cover they need for each. Generali also said it includes a simpler pricing mechanism that uses a group’s average age to create a single adult and child rating structure.

The plan’s additional benefits include high annual limits, a direct billing facility in an international network, and a range of specialist cover options. Terry Tsang, assistant general manager of Generali Hong Kong, said: “In Asia, healthcare costs are amongst some of the highest in the world. This creates a unique customer demand for individual and group health insurance businesses. Global Choice is a flexible and cost efficient solution that has been developed in response to this market need.” Meanwhile, Marco Giacomelli, head of Generali Global Health, said: “Asia is a strategically important region for Generali Global Health, so the launch of Global Choice in Hong Kong is an exciting step into this market.”