Councillor quits over comments against foreigners

A Polish care company boss who was also a Penrith town councillor has bowed out of public life after highlighting negative comments from Brexit supporters about “foreigners”.

Mariusz Waluk has served on the council over the last year.

In a heartfelt open letter he heaps praise on his council colleagues, spelling out how they work tirelessly for the good of the community.

But Mr Waluk, whose company Gaudium employs 15 people and provides community and day care for the elderly, says what made his mind up about resigning from the council were anti-foreigner comments from some Brexit supporters after the June 23 referendum.

He writes: “My decision was finalised after the Brexit vote when comments arose from various leave supporters who expressed disappointment that all foreigners were not being made to leave the very next day, and similar sentiments.

“I have lived in the UK for over 10 years now and currently work with English, Scottish, Irish and French nationalities and as such hope other people can grow to understand that race, religion or creed pale into insignificance against strength of character and a genuine, honest and hard-working personality.”

 Elsewhere in the letter, Mr Waluk stresses his decision has nothing to do with the council or its councillors.

“To have worked alongside them has been a real honour and every single member contributes in an important way,” writes Mr Waluk.

He singles out the authority’s clerk, her deputy, as well as Mayor David Whipp and his deputy Scott Jackson for particular praise.