CHINA | Increased Immigration Checks for Foreign Nationals throughout China

As the G20 meetings continue and in anticipation of the upcoming G20 Summit in China, authorities in major Chinese cities have increased random immigration verifications of foreign nationals. The G20 Summit will begin on September 4, 2016.

What’s Changed?

It is important to note that there have been no changes to Chinese immigration regulations: Chinese immigration authorities have always reserved the right to check anyone’s immigration status as they see fit. However, with these high profile meetings and the upcoming summit, reports have indicated heightened security checks at the following:

  • Entry/Exit checkpoints in airports and train stations –focused on passport verifications, as well as validity of entry visa and any identification cards the foreign national may hold;
  • Random police checks in residential areas – focused on foreign nationals’ holding a valid work and/or residence permit or visa, and whether that individual is properly registered at their local police station.

Foreign nationals living and working in China are strongly encouraged to always carry their valid immigration status documents (passport affixed with any relevant visas, and/or work and residence permits), especially as these increased immigration checks are conducted. In addition, foreign nationals are reminded that they must register address and passport detail changes with their local police station within 24 hours of the change occurring.