Intern relocation – nurturing the future professionals of your organization

It is estimated that there are approximately two million interns undertaking internships at any one time in the US alone, with 97% of large employers planning to hire interns each year. Experience is the main reason why so many university and graduate students take internships. While some university programs require students to take an internship, other intrepid students know that it is still one of the best ways to build relevant work experience on their resume and helps land a future role at a top company.

It is also easy to understand why companies hire interns – aside from simply being a low cost resource for the summer, the Association of Graduate Recruiters shows us that graduates who began their career as interns are more likely to stay with a company for longer than those who did not.

With students taking internships to build their professional experience at an unprecedented rate, it is becoming essential for companies looking to attract and host the best interns to promote and deliver the best intern experience.

Importantly, if relocating an intern to a new city is involved, it is even more critical that the relocating experience is world class. It is the first major interaction for the intern with the company and therefore their overall experience, and how the company supports them through a stressful time, will highly impact their thoughts about working at the company in the future.