How can Irish workers improve their job prospects in Canada?

Ireland’s crop of recent emigrants are enjoying a well-earned reputation for hard work in Canada; so much so, that companies are now specifically headhunting Irish people for their skills and

If there’s one silver lining from the recession that Ireland’s endured, it’s that Irish people now know employment is hard to come by, so we tend to value jobs when we have them. Our willingness to work hard means job prospects for the Irish in Canada are good, particularly if you have Canadian experience.

I run a recruitment agency called Outpost Recruitment (formerly Moving2Canada Recruitment), which finds work for construction and engineering candidates.

Canada, Australia and the Middle East have provided good jobs for Irish workers in these industries who were fleeing the recession at home, but the recent global commodity burst has meant fewer opportunities, as all three regions feel the impact of low resource prices.

A tighter employment market in Canada has led to a reduction in the number of employers willing to sponsor workers from overseas. As a result, our recruitment business has focused more and more on Irish workers who already have local Canadian experience.