Geneva Versus Singapore: The Best Expat Cities For Finance Professionals

The allure of money combined with the adventure of living in a foreign country is turning finance professionals into expats. Because of their influence in the global financial markets, Geneva and Singapore are becoming popular cities for today’s finance professionals.

Reasons to Head to Geneva

During the last two decades, Geneva’s private banks have gained a reputation for their ability to handle money reliably and with discretion. Today, the city’s financial sector features 140 banks. In addition, 62 of these banks are foreign owned. As the birthplace and center of international asset management, Geneva is now the standard that other financial centers look to when it comes to private transnational asset management.

Geneva has also become one of the world’s most important centers for the funding of commodities trading. Local banking expertise along with the presence of different trading companies turned the city into a major hub for the trading of sugar, oil and cereals. In addition to commodities trading, Geneva features a concentrated network of other financially based services and activities. For instance, management and business consultants, computer specialists and information security professionals operate out of Geneva as do private equity firms like Manixer.

Why Singapore is a Good Option for Finance Professionals

In about four decades, Singapore has created a flourishing financial center that’s gained international attention. Today, the city serves its own domestic economy as well as that of the wider Asia Pacific district. Expats with professional training in finance can move to Singapore to work in banking, treasury services, insurance or investment banking.