Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals to be Exempt from Labor Market Rules

On or after June 1, 2016, nationals of Bulgaria and Romania under a local Swiss employment contract will no longer be subject to Swiss labor market rules such as a labor market test, salary and working condition checks and the foreign national quota system. Instead, they will be subject to the same registration formalities that apply to EU nationals.bulgaria and romania

Currently, Bulgarian and Romanian nationals face a labor market test, are subject to a quota and can only obtain work permits if their salary, educational background, and terms of employment are in accordance with conditions applicable in the employer’s region and sector.


This policy change implements the Free Movement of Persons Agreement enacted in 2009, which
provides for progressive liberalization of access to the Swiss labor market.

Switzerland has the right to reintroduce a work permit quota system for Romanian and Bulgarian nationals until May 31, 2019 if immigration from these countries exceeds the average of the previous three years by 10%, or if other conditions are met.