Brexit on minds of expats in Singapore too

Out or in? The Brexit debate on whether the United Kingdom should quit the European Union has also been preoccupying British expatriates here, and views are mixed.

But there is a common worry whether this week’s vote could leave the country divided after a four-month campaign marked by vitriol, and especially coming in the wake of last week’s killing of pro-EU British lawmaker Jo Cox, who was shot by a man heard shouting “Britain first” before the attack.

“The arguments have been intense and, at times, very contentious. Brexit appears to have coaxed the British public out of their usual reserve and feelings run deep,” said Ms Sarah Birchwood, a 40-year-old English teacher who has been in Singapore since 2007.

 “Remain” supporters who spoke to The Sunday Times worried about the economic impact if Britain leaves.

Banker Joe Windle, 36, said: “The negative impact on Britain’s GDP and free trade will be greater than any benefits we reap. I haven’t seen one coherent argument for leaving, even though I regularly read commentaries from think-tanks and the press.”