Brexit is a reality – will it bring a new era for global mobility?

Britain woke up to an ‘all change’ situation this morning following the referendum vote to leave the European Union.

How this will really affect businesses in the UK, the economy and wider trading has yet to be teased out not to mention the influence on global markets.

What will be the impact on the global mobility industry?

There will inevitably be some relocation movement as some of those companies threatening to leave the UK assess their position and decide to go elsewhere. 

Global mobility professionals are used to addressing change and that is part of our business.

The drive to reach global markets will not stop and organisations will continue to send skilled and specialist talent around the world and in and out of the UK and Europe.

I have spoken before about global mobility becoming the norm for many organisations. There is huge opportunity to use the expertise that global mobility professionals have to support businesses as the UK leaves the European Union and to help in this transition period.

HR and mobility professionals are in a strong position to share what we know about managing change. In addition, the wider relocation and global mobility community can be a leading light in ensuring we hold true to the importance of cultural awareness and diversity. Moving talent as we know is a complex business, from managing immigration, tax, cost and compliance to supporting employees and their families with finding property and schools.