US couple learn to find ways to adjust to life in Singapore

When corporate pilot Cyril Letzelter gets the chance to fly to the United States every three months, he stocks up on clothes for himself, his wife and his two children.20160327-ST-LETZELTER

“Children’s clothing at a Walmart in the US can cost US$3 (S$4.10) a piece but in Singapore, it’s at least US$15,” said the 48-year-old American, who is not surprised that Singapore has been found the most expensive city in the world for expatriates. He moved here in November 2013 with his wife Jennifer, a 35-year-old engineer.

They have two young daughters who are three months and 23 months old. Their maid is paid $1,000 a month.

Said Mr Letzelter: “We’re adventurous people and we were looking for a place to raise kids that could provide them with a unique culture.

 “The pay was good and the math worked out well.”

The couple earn about $29,000 together, but even then, it meant making adjustments to their lifestyle.

Mr Letzelter’s previous house near Denver, Colorado was 610 sq m, while his wife had a house near Boston that was about half of that size. Now, their apartment in Thomson is about 150 sq m.

Mr Letzelter said: “Housing is crazy expensive here. We’re paying $4,400 in rent.