Pro-Link GLOBAL Immigration Dispatch: Netherlands, Singapore, and Sweden

11-18 April, 2016pro-link-global-immigration-dispatch--netherlands-singapore-and-sweden_8524_t12
Singapore: Ministry of Manpower immigration updates

Singapore’s immigration authorities have announced two changes to their immigration systems.

Increased Government Analysis of Sponsoring Companies’ Singaporean Core

In a recent speech, Lim Swee Say, the Minister of Manpower (MOM), emphasized the continued focus of supporting and strengthening the Singapore workforce to include employing local residents. Part of these continued efforts include refining the company requirements for Employment Pass (EP) applications. The MOM still requires applicants to meet expected qualifications, as well as having the appropriate experience and salary for a particular job.

Netherlands: Dutch authorities given additional authority to revoke sponsorship status

Effective 31 March, 2016 the Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND) will have the authority to revoke a company’s sponsorship status if the company has not sponsored residence permits or long-term entry visas for foreign nationals in the past three years. Note that the sponsorship can be revoked only if the company is not actively or currently sponsoring residence permits for foreign nationals.

Previously, a sponsorship could only be taken away if the sponsoring company had done something prohibited regarding immigration requirements and regulations.

Sweden: Labour Union approval of offer letter now stand-alone step in work permit application

Swedish Labour Unions will now request signed offer letters to be submitted before foreign nationals are eligible to apply for a work permit. The letters must be sent to the appropriate trade union for comment and signature. Processing times for the Labour Union review and signature are currently 2-5 business days.

Previously, the offer letter was submitted internally by the Swedish Migration Board to the Labour Unions as part of the adjudication process. This sometimes resulted in delays if there was an issue with the offer letter or questions regarding the employment terms.