Pro-Link GLOBAL Immigration Dispatch: Hungary, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Sweden

pro-link-global-immigration-dispatch-hungary-indonesia-saudi-arabia-singapore-and-sweden_8614_t12Hungary: Incorrect biometric information uploaded to some Work and Residence Permits

The Hungarian Immigration Office in Budapest recently discovered a technical mistake made in some residence and work permits issued late last year: the biometric information contained in some of these permits was inadvertently uploaded to the wrong data chip in some instances. The extent of these errors is yet unknown, but foreign nationals who went through the application process for a work and residence permit in October or November of 2015 might be impacted by this technical error.

Indonesia: Visa-free travel for business travel extended to more countries

The Indonesian government has approved visa-free travel for foreign nationals from 79 additional countries for stays of up to 30 days to engage in business and tourism activities. It is important to note that foreign nationals travelling for business under the visa-free program must adhere to certain unique limitations including, but not limited to, not attending business meetings in company office buildings.

Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Arabian Embassy in London announces new document requirements

The Consulate for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – United Kingdom has announced new document formalities for Commercial, Work, and Business Visit Visa applications filed in London. The Ministry will now require that all company support letters filed for these visa categories be submitted on company letterhead and attested by the UK or Arab British Chamber of Commerce.

Singapore: BioScreen system being implemented to enhance border security

Singapore’s Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has initiated a new security system, BioScreen, to protect its borders and to better confirm visitors’ identification. First implemented as a pilot program within the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in 2015, BioScreen will now be rolled out for all foreign nationals entering and exiting Singapore via land and sea checkpoints. Next to be included over the upcoming months will be airports and then any other checkpoints in-country.

Sweden: Additional documentation required for Work Permits causing minor delays

Per a 2015 court decision, the Swedish Migration Agency has begun requesting additional documentation for salary and insurance information for work permit renewal and permanent residency applications. Although proof of previous employment periods has long been required for these applications, the Migration Agency now specifies that applicants will need to provide the following in order to confirm that the applicant has received the correct salary and insurance benefits:

• Payslips / Paystubs

• Proof of Insurance – issued by the insurer

• Income Statement Receipts – issued by the Swedish Tax Agency