New pet owners given “paw-ternity” leave

Pet owners and people who are thinking of getting pets will be happy to know that they are now entitled to paid “pet leave”.15419638_ml

One large corporation headquartered in Australia recently began offering pet owners the option to apply for what it calls “paw-ternity leave” to care for their new or young pets, just like how parents of infants are able to with maternity or paternity leave.

ANZ this week introduced such a leave scheme for its 9,000 employees.

“Anyone can request flexibility for any reason, including ‘paw-ternity’ leave”, ANZ spokesperson Sonia Bell was quoted as saying to NZ Herald.

The company has already approved three pet leave applications, although approvals are granted on a case-by-case basis.

A study by UK-based pet insurance company Petplan showed that almost one in 20 new pet owners have been given pet leave by employers.

Elsewhere, several British companies have reportedly offered employees a few hours to a few weeks of paid leave to tend to their little creatures.

“For our employees, flexibility is about supporting our people in delivering results in the most productive way possible, while balancing these commitments with personal priorities,” said Bell.