Glorious weather, cheap living: a lakeside retirement haven in Mexico

warm climate and low cost of living are two of the main reasons that Brits are flocking overseas. And tucked away on the shores of Mexico’s largest inland lake is a haven for those looking to enjoy both.

The towns and villages spread alongside Lake Chapala, just 40 minutes from Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city, are home to up to 40,000 foreigners.

It’s a favourite spot for American and Canadian retirees. Brits are a rarer breed – most of those to be found there were living in America or Canada before.

A tree trunk sculpture by Estela Hidalgo on the main plaza of Ajijic, Chapala

The climate is ranked the second best in the world by National Geographic with average temperatures ranging from 86F (30C) in May, the hottest month, to 75F (24C) in winter.

The lake sits about 5,200 feet (1,584 metres) above sea level so there is virtually no humidity and the mountain range surrounding it protects the area from prevailing northerly winds.